Reddit adds real-time typing and reading indicators to posts

Reddit is introducing a handful of new features designed to make its social network feel more interactive. Starting today, you’ll notice the vote and comment counts on posts and feeds will increase (as well as decrease) in real-time. Additionally, you’ll see new typing indicators that will tell you when two or more people are replying to a comment. Similarly, another set of real-time indicators will share when five or more people are reading the same post.

Reddit upvote GIF

In both instances, you won’t know exactly who is reading a post or readying a reply, but it will give you a broader sense of how much attention it’s drawing. Lastly, Reddit has reworked the comment pill to display new comments as you’re scrolling through a post. 

Reddit comment pill

In practice, the new features will make Reddit feel more like a chat app. The company says they were designed to increase user engagement. It contends they will create a better experience for users. Whether that actually turns out to be the case, we’ll see later today when Reddit starts rolling out the features to its web client, as well as Android and iOS apps.


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