Celebrate 20 years of Harry Potter with these magical early Black Friday Lego deals

On November 16 2001, the first Harry Potter movie released in the US (though it came out earlier in the UK) – if you’re reading this article on its day of publication, that’s exactly 20 years. Time flies!

Not only did that movie spawn loads of sequels based on the books, it created a product empire with video games, toys, clothing, tourist attractions and more – and as you can tell from the title, this article is looking at the Lego Black Friday deals side of it.

With Black Friday coming up in less than two weeks, loads of retailers have started reducing the prices of their Lego sets, and as one of the most popular themes, there are loads of Harry Potter Lego discounts too.

When the Harry Potter and Lego partnership first began, sets were made based on the newest films, but 20 years later, we’re seeing a strange empire take hold. There are new decorative sets like a Hedwig statue, collectibles like the Hogwarts Moment sets, and a whole new series of Hogwarts builds which are remakes of sets released years ago.

Loads of these Harry Potter sets and more are reduced right now, and we’ve collected the best for you to see below, with deals to be found wherever you are around the world.

Advent Calendar deals

US Harry Potter

UK Harry Potter

Find more early Black Friday Lego deals here:

Top US retailers 

Amazon: discounts on the widest variety of Lego sets 

Best Buy: reductions on the most popular sets 

Kohl’s: regular deals on the best sets for all ages 

Target: great variety of Star Wars and Harry Potter Lego sets 

Walmart: limited-time offers with larger than normal price cuts

Top UK retailers

Amazon: largest variety of Lego sets available on offer 

Argos: feature sales on the most popular sets for kids 

John Lewis: best discounts on the most expensive Star Wars sets 

Smyths: massive toy retailer with a variety of sets on offer 

The Entertainer: excellent deals on the best Lego sets for kids


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