These iPhone Tricks On TikTok Are Kinda Blowing My Mind Right Now

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I’ve had an iPhone for years and I’m just learning this stuff NOW?

This is fashion influencer/momtepreneur/TikToker Jessica Wang.

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Recently, Jessica started sharing a series of “iPhone tricks” on TikTok, and lemme tell you…even if you THINK you know every iPhone hack in the book, she’ll surprise you with one you don’t know. It all started with this video on how to prevent people from snooping on your Photos app:

Basically, you just set a passcode for Screen Time and then set a one-minute limit on the app you want to lock out (in this case, the Photos app). That means if anyone takes your phone, the app will be locked and can only be unlocked with your special Screen Time passcode!

Jessica Wang

Jessica uses this to make sure her kids don’t delete any of her work off her phone, since she creates a ton of content and fashion photography. But if you’re trying to prevent snooping, I’m just sayin’ you could also lock up your texts by doing this with the Messages app! Just make sure you take it off the “always allowed” list in Screen Time settings first.

After that video got more than two million views, Jessica did a round-up of several more iPhone hacks that blew up even bigger. “Overnight it got over 10 million views,” Jessica told BuzzFeed. “The response has been overwhelmingly positive. Most people were shook. They asked me to do part 2, then part 3, so now it’s kinda become a mini series.”

Jessica Wang / Via

“As my career is based around creating content and editing, along the way I have learned little tricks here and there,” she continued. “I’m also a mom of two, so efficiency is key.”

So without further ado, here’s Jessica’s series of iPhone tricks! We’ll pull out some highlights along the way in case you can’t watch with sound right now.

1. In case of unwanted scrolling, hide photos from your camera roll by selecting them, tapping the “share” icon, and selecting “Hide.”

2. Press the keyboard button in Messages for the option to shift your keyboard left or right for easier one-handed texting.

Jessica Wang

3. If you screenshot a web page, when you go to edit the screenshot you can click the “Full Page” option to scroll through the entire page. It’s all screenshotted for you!

4. You can set a quick timer by tapping and holding on the timer button on your Control Center. It brings up a quick timer screen instead of taking you into the Clock app!

Jessica Wang

5. Easily select multiple messages or emails by tapping and swiping down the list with two fingers.

Jessica Wang

6. Use your phone as a magnifying glass by turning on “Magnifier” in the “Accessibility” menu, then clicking the side button three times to bring up the magnifier.

Jessica Wang

7. Scan items directly in the Notes app! Just tap and hold the app icon and take a photo of whatever you need to convert into a PDF.

Jessica Wang

8. Easily share your location with a friend in Messages by typing “I’m at” and then selecting the location option that pops up in the predictive text field.

Jessica Wang

9. Set a timer to “stop playing” if you want to fall asleep to music or a podcast. When the timer reaches zero, it’ll stop playing whatever you’re listening to!

Jessica Wang

10. To completely hide photos, save them in the Notes app, then swipe left on the note and set a lock. When you need the photo again, just re-save it from the note.

Jessica Wang

11. To arrange a group of apps at the same time, press and hold one, then tap all the others you want to move.

Jessica Wang

12. Normally, your iPhone stops playing music when you record a video. But if you want to shoot a video while playing music, just tap and hold in PHOTO mode, then swipe right to lock.

Jessica Wang

13. Tap and hold the Camera app icon for extra options, including one to take a selfie, which will open up the front-facing camera right away.

Jessica Wang

Well, I don’t know about you, but I learned something today. Follow Jessica on Instagram for her fashion content, and follow her on TikTok for more useful hacks, including tips on taking great photos!

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