These EE SIM only deals start from £25/pm for 200GB, plus free Beats earphones Black Friday EE deals

It’s no secret that EE is the UK’s fastest and most popular network, and it’s easy to see why customers love it so much – not only do you get blistering speeds, but free gifts are on offer with tons of plans.

However, while that’s almost the norm for Black Friday phone deals, EE has led the pack with these Black Friday SIM only deals, and is offering a free pair of Beats Flex earphones with some of its plans, plus ‘Smart Benefits’, which we’ll get to in a sec.

The free earphones are available on two plans. The cheaper and probably better value is just £25/pm for 200GB of data, while those who need even more data will have to shell out a stonking £41/pm for unlimited data. That unlimited plan does come with three Smart Benefits, though.

Smart Benefits include a number of premium subscription services, including BT Sport Ultimate, Apple Music, Amazon Prime Video and Britbox, or you can choose to include overseas roaming in your plan, or have unlimited streaming data. 

If you already pay for any of these services, that unlimited plan starts to look more like a bargain, but for most we’d say 200GB will be more than enough. Find out more below.

These EE SIM only deals in detail:

What other SIM only deals are available?

While the above EE offer is certainly impressive, it isn’t the only bargain plan out there. Three is offering unlimited data for just £16 a month if you commit to 12 months, and Smarty is doling out one-month rolling plans with 50GB for just £12.

However, neither Three nor Smarty can compete with EE’s class-leading speeds or, frankly, the brand appeal. If you want ultimate speeds on the cheap, and to look bougie in the most minor way possible, bag one of those deals above.

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