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Lime brings Jump bikes back to London

When Uber handed Jump, its scooter- and bike-sharing division, over to Lime, it sent thousands of Jump e-bikes in the US to the scrapheap to be recycled. In Europe, thousands of the bikes were pulled from city streets. Now, under Lime’s direction, so… Source

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Uber sends thousands of Jump e-bikes to the recycling heap

Uber has sent thousands of electric bikes to be recycled for scrap as part of handing operations of their Jump e-bike division to scooter-sharing company Lime. The rideshare giant said it would be too difficult to donate these bikes because of safety… Source

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Lime now owns Uber’s Jump bike and scooter service

With most people social distancing and working from home, ride sharing services have seen dramatically less usage. The Information reported last month that Uber’s bookings are down 80 percent, and on Wednesday the company announced it will lay off 3,… Source

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