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Kamado Joe unveils a WiFi-connected pellet version of its popular ceramic grill

Ceramic egg-shaped grills are popular options for both high-temp searing and low-and-slow smoking. Due to their design and materials, they’re incredibly efficient, and they allow you to use both charcoal and wood chunks to get the job done. This week… Source

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The best grilling gear

Summer may not officially start until mid-June, but Memorial Day weekend is widely celebrated as the start of the outdoor season. And for some, that means the first chance to fire up the grill for a (small, socially distanced) party. We’ve compiled a… Source

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Traeger’s redesigned grill app offers cooking videos and customization

Traeger’s WiFi-enabled smart grills already benefit from a robust app packed with recipes for meat, seafood, side dishes and more. The software also allows you to control and monitor your grill remotely, so you don’t have to walk outside to change th… Source

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