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Zolve raises $15 million for its cross-border neobank aimed at global citizens

On Wednesday, he announced Zolve, a neobanking platform for individuals moving from India to the U.S. (or the other way around). The startup works with banks in the U.S. and India to provide consumers access to financial products seamlessly — without paying any premium or coughing up any security deposit. In…

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Founder Collective barrels forward, closing its fourth and newest fund with $85 million

Founder Collective, a seed-stage fund formed 11 years ago in Cambridge, Ma., has closed its newest fund with $85 million. Earlier today, we talked with the firm’s general partners — Eric Paley, David Frankel, Micah Rosenbloom — to learn more about it. Among our first questions: whether the three are…

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Grain, a startup built expressly atop of Zoom for note-taking and video-clip making, raises $4 million

Whenever a platform breaks out, companies emerge to seize on its reach by building their services or products atop it. It happened with Facebook and Twitter and Slack. Now, it’s happening with Zoom, the video conferencing company that took the world by storm earlier this year as the coronavirus sent…

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