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‘Doom Zero’ brings 32 new levels to the original games on mobile and consoles

Should Doom Eternal's arrival on Nintendo Switch and Xbox Game Pass have you hankering for even more demon slaying, then you're in luck. If you have the re-releases of Doom (the original one) and Doom II, you can battle a bunch more enemies in a mod… Source

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After 27 years, ‘Doom’ and ‘Doom 2’ get widescreen support

Later this year, Doom and Doom 2 will turn 27 and 26 years old, respectively. Yet id Software still somehow found time while working on the new expansion for Doom: Eternal to update the two games (via Polygon). The update adds substantial enhancement… Source

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‘Doom’ and ‘Doom II’ are free for some Chromebook owners

Chromebook ownership has its perks, which includes offers on a rotating selection of apps and games. Now, Doom and Doom II are available for free on Chromebooks for a limited time. The offer isn’t available to every Chromebook user, so check the perk… Source

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