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Google debuts a new website and set of resources for Americans experiencing food insecurity

Google today is launching a new suite of resources for people struggling with food insecurity across the U.S. The project includes the launch of a new website, “Find Food Support,” that connects people to food support resources, including hotlines, SNAP information, and a Google Maps locator tool that points people…

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Instagram will highlight users who donate to nonprofits on Giving Tuesday

Instagram is getting into the charitable spirit just ahead of Giving Tuesday. Today and tomorrow, you'll see a Giving Tuesday story at the start of the stories section. Any accounts you follow that use the Donation or I Donated stickers will be inclu… Source

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Woz is hosting a livestream charity fundraiser for his 70th birthday

While Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak hasn’t worked for the company in an official capacity for more than 30 years, “Woz” is still beloved by many in the tech community. As such, it’s no surprise that when he celebrates his 70th birthday tomorrow, the… Source

Read More offers 700 games in a pay-what-you-want racial justice bundle

You now have a chance to score a massive number of games for a low price — and support an important cause while you’re at it. The game store has released a “Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality” pay-what-you-want offering that includes 700… Source

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Games Done Quickly’s stream for COVID-19 relief has begun

Today through April 19th, you can tune into Games Done Quickly’s (GDQ) streamed COVID-19 charity event to watch some of the fastest speedrunners in the world race through new and classic games and raise money for the coronavirus pandemic. The event,… Source

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Facebook’s new tool lets gamers plan their own esports tournaments

Today, Facebook Gaming is launching Tournaments, a new feature that lets users create, join or follow virtual game tournaments. The tool offers everything from registration to seeding, bracket management and score entry. You can host single eliminati… Source

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